Have You Joined the Milk Revolution?

Gabrialla® is changing the maternity support wear game with the New Milk Maternity Lingerie Collection. The unique, newly developed Milk Protein Fiber has a massaging, moisturizing and softening effect on the skin. With 18 amino acids, it gives skin a nourished and rejuvenated look, while providing hydration and making the skin feel soft and look healthy.

One of the finest examples of “green” production technology, Milk Protein Fiber is completely natural and breathable, plus it has anti-bacterial properties. The naturally occurring amino acids in the fiber help improve blood circulation, allow perspiration and sweat absorption.

The Gabrialla® Milk Maternity Collection includes Maternity Support Briefs, Nursing/Sleeping and Athletic Bra as well as Postpartum Briefs.

With all of their soothing and comforting properties, the items in this collection provide the perfect support for expectant and new moms.

Visit ITAMed.com for purchasing information.

Posted on 2016-08-29 by

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