TIA Revamps Categories for Toy Fair 2017

TIAThe Toy Industry Association (TIA) has dropped gendered categories from the 2017 TOTY Awards in order to make the event more relevant in the current marketplace. 

To help combat issues of stereotypes around certain toys, the TIA hopes to shake up the industry by removing these categories. Despite the benefits of play being universal, for example, construction toys are often targeted at boys while dolls are often targeted at girls.

In place of these categories, the TIA is adding six new categories:

1. Action Figure of the Year
Toys that include action figures, and their play sets/accessories

2. Collectible of the Year
Toys that compose a set; can include novelty playthings miniature versions of existing lines, licensed collectibles, etc.

3. Construction Toy of the Year
Toys that include building & engineering sets

4. Doll of the Year
Toys that include fashion and plush dolls, and their play sets/accessories

5. Rookie of the Year
A new company (created within the last 2 years) that has brought to market an outstanding toy

6. Vehicle of the Year
Toys that are powered or non-powered vehicles, and their play sets/accessories

Toy, game, and license submissions across all 14 TOTY categories can now be made at the TIA website

Visit http://www.toyfairny.com for more information.

Posted on 2016-08-29 by Winita Frederick

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