A wireless Bluetooth thermometer solution!

One of the most stressful times for new parents occurs when their baby gets a fever. Mom and Dad suddenly find themselves trying to take care of a little human being that can’t tell them exactly what he or she is feeling... and there are too many options that do not offer a comforting and easy solution. Until now... Introducing Infanttech’s new Smarttemp - a wireless Bluetooth thermometer allowing parents to see their baby’s temperature through their smart phone.

When a fever strikes, a parent simply applies the small thermometer under the baby’s armpit and adheres it with the included adhesive pad. It can remain for up to 24 hours and it’s waterproof. A parent can now continuously monitor their baby’s temperature on a smart phone without any fuss. Smarttemp measures baby’s temperature, alerts parents of a high fever, and tracks medicine dosages when baby isn’t feeling well. As an added bonus, Smarttemp also doubles as a bath water thermometer. How cool is that!

Now parents’ can have peace of mind with a smarter thermometer. Ease away the frustration that a regular thermometer creates for parents; when all they want is to reduce the stress when their baby isn’t feeling well.

Infanttech is a juvenile product company founded by two parents that are passionate about Family, Safety, and Parents’ Confidence. By utilizing the latest technology available, Infanttech designs and develops products that are versatile and innovative. Infanttech is confident that parents’ will love this unique and stress free thermometer! Smarttemp has an MSRP of $69.99.